running backward

Running backwards can be a great way to increase your cardio, strengthen your legs, and make everyday runs more interesting. Though it may not seem that common in everyday activities, running backwards has been shown to offer numerous benefits for both recreational and competitive athletes. Here are some of the reasons why it’s worth giving backward running a try.

1. Improve Cardio Endurance: Backward running forces your muscles to work harder than normal because the downward thrust of your legs is resisted. When running backward, you forcing your body to work much harder and this in turn leads to an improvement in your overall cardiovascular fitness.

2. Builds Leg Strength: As you move your body forward while running backward, you are utilizing muscles that are used to moving in the opposite direction. This helps to strengthen the quads, glutes, and calves due to the amount of resistance placed on the legs when running backward.

3. Reduce Impact Force: A study conducted by The Royal Veterinary College in the UK found that running backward places less force on the knees and hips than forward running. This makes it a great way to train without the high impact that running places on the joints.

4. Reduce Risk of Injury: Additionally, it has been found that running backwards can greatly reduce the risk of injuries due to the lower force that’s placed on the joints. It is especially beneficial for those with existing knee or hip problems.

5. Improve Balance and Coordination: As stated earlier, running backwards forces your muscles to work in the opposite direction. This makes running backward an effective training for building balance and coordination.

6. Make Routine Runs More Interesting: Exercising can be boring at times. By adding the element of running backwards into your routine runs, it can help to keep the workout interesting.

The benefits of running backwards may be numerous but it’s important to note that as with any form of exercise, you should proceed with caution and pay attention to how your body responds. Always start slow and gradually increase the intensity and duration of your backward running. With patience and hard work, you can witness the many benefits of running backwards in no time!