blisters toenails

Getting blisters under your toenails can be extremely painful and can put a serious damper on your running routine. But with the right strategies, you can manage your blisters and keep on running. Here are some runner strategies to manage blisters under your toenails:

1. Use the Right Shoes: Invest in a good pair of shoes that fit properly and provide enough cushioning. The right shoes can make a big difference in preventing blisters and managing them if you get them. You should try a few different models to find the ones that work best with your feet.

2. Wear Socks: Wearing well-fitted, moisture-wicking socks can help protect against blisters. They also help reduce friction and irritation on your toes. When choosing socks, look for ones that are breathable and lightweight.

3. Check Your Toenails: Before a long Saturday run, check your toenails to see if they’ve become too long or have started to come loose. Longer toenails can create more space for friction which can cause blisters. Trim any excess length carefully, and if one of your toenails is damaged, cut it off entirely.

4. Reduce Heat and Moisture: Poor ventilation in your shoes can lead to excessive heat and moisture. This increases your risk for getting blisters, so make sure your shoes are well ventilated with breathable materials. Also, keep your feet dry during runs by wearing socks, and don’t forget to air out your shoes after a run.

5. Wrap Blisters: If you do get a blister, don’t burst it! Wrap it with something that cushions the area while Still allowing your toes to have a full range of movement. Look for products that use gel, foam, or fabric to create a soft and protective cushion.

By following these 5 strategies, you can manage blisters under your toenails and stay on top of your running routine. With the right combination of shoes, socks, toenail care, and blister wrap, you can stay on the track and avoid painful issues with your feet.