coffee drinking

Coffee has been a beloved morning ritual for millions of people around the world for generations, touted for its energizing properties and ability to reduce grogginess and dullness. But is it bad to drink coffee every day? The habits associated with coffee drinking can affect different people differently, and it’s important to consider both the pros and cons of habitual coffee drinking.

On the plus side, coffee offers mild benefits when it comes to energy. Caffeine, the main stimulant found in coffee, has been found to have increases alertness and decreases fatigue. In addition, the antioxidants found in coffee, known as polyphenols, can reduce inflammation in the body, helping you feel better overall.

On the downside, habitual coffee drinking can lead to caffeine dependence and unwanted side effects. When consumed too frequently, coffee can become an addictive substance, and regular coffee drinkers can experience things like jitters, high heart rate, and increased anxiety when they don’t get their fix. This can be more of an issue in adolescents, whose bodies are still developing and adjusting to caffeine, and older adults with smaller stomachs who may experience adverse reactions to coffee more intensely.

So the takeaway when it comes to coffee drinking is moderation. Moderately drinking coffee, up to about 4 cups per day, can be beneficial for most adults, but coffee should not be consumed first thing in the morning and should be paired with a balanced diet, hydration, and physical activity. Habitual coffee drinkers should start to pay attention to how coffee makes them feel on an individual basis to determine what, if any, impact coffee drinking may have on their overall health, and try to diversify their morning routine with things like healthy breakfast foods, herbal tea, and exercise.

All in all, the research is still out regarding habitual coffee drinking and its effects on overall health. While it’s important to understand and consider the potential pros and cons of drinking coffee every day, it’s also important to maintain moderation and pay attention to how individual bodies are affected by coffee and act accordingly.