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One of the most commonly asked questions from runners—novice and experienced alike—is “how many miles can I run in 30 minutes?” The answer to this question will ultimately depend on individual running ability, fitness level, and goals.

For novice runners, the goal should typically be to try and cover two to three miles in 30 minutes. That might seem like a tall order if you’re just getting started, but with a consistent running program and a focus on building endurance, it is achievable.

If you’re more of an experienced runner, the amount of miles completed in 30 minutes will likely be higher. Recreational runners, depending on their ability level, might cover four to six miles in that amount of time. If you’re a competitive runner, you might be able to complete six to nine miles in 30 minutes. This will depend on your fitness level and running style.

Of course, regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced runner, the number of miles you’re able to complete in 30 minutes will depend on several factors. Things like terrain, weather conditions, and nutrition can all have an impact on your performance. It’s important to be flexible and adjust your running routine to accommodate any changes.

If you’re looking to improve the amount of miles you can run in 30 minutes, the key is to develop a consistent training program and gradually increase your endurance. Running longer distances can help build endurance and help you cover more ground in a shorter period of time. Additionally, incorporating speed training into your running routine can also help you cover more miles in less time.

In the end, how many miles you’re able to cover in 30 minutes is largely dependent on individual ability and goals. As long as you focus on gradually improving your running speed and endurance, you should be well on your way to covering more ground in less time.