Marathons are grueling races; athletes need to have the right tools during their training and the race. One of the most important running essentials for a marathoner is a running belt. Running belts make it much easier to carry one’s personal items, like keys and wallet, and vital racing necessities, like refreshments and an emergency kit.

So, which one is the best running belt for a marathon? To make the best possible choice, marathoners should consider comfort, convenience and durability. This buying guide reviews the best running belts for marathoners in 2022 and the features to look for when shopping.

One of the top running belts for marathoners is the Ultimate Performance Fastpak Marathon Belt. This belt is specifically designed for marathoners. It includes a secure zipper pocket that fits up to 6 gels or 2 large energy bars, plus a small pocket to stash a key. It also has a belt loop which allows you to easily attach a race number bib. The Fastpak is made of durable and lightweight materials to ensure comfort and convenience during long runs.

If you want something a bit more stylish, check out the Flip Belt Marathon. This belt features a pocketless design, which is great for those who want a minimalist look without sacrificing storage space and convenience. The Flip Belt is designed with an adjustable loop, allowing you to customize the length of the belt to fit your waist. The fabric is waterproof, making it a great option for rainy races.

Another top contender is the Nathan VaporKrar Waistpack. This belt is ideal for consumers who want the perfect combination of convenience, style and performance. The vaporproof material is lightweight, durable and allows for moisture management. The VaporKrar also features two adjustable straps with quick-release buckles, and reflective accents for safe nighttime running. It has two 6-ounce bottles for hydration and a zippered pocket for your must-haves.

Finally, the Arc’teryx Celeris Belt is a lightweight and stylish running belt. It is constructed from ripstop fabric with a silicone print, giving it a modern look and durable design. The belt has an adjustable buckle and side pockets with internal organizers for keeping your items secure and organized during long runs.

Regardless of which running belt you choose, make sure it meets your needs. Comfort and convenience should be the priority when shopping for a marathon running belt. With these tips and recommendations, you should be able to find the best running belt for your needs in 2022.